Fresh Kettle Corn in Gilbert Arizona

We are famous for our Fresh Kettle Corn and hand pop it daily right here in Gilbert, AZ! Our customers tell us all the time that it's the best Kettle Corn they've ever had! That's no joke, check out our Reviews!

We want you to enjoy it as fresh as possible, so we pop AFTER you order and we have a flexible pickup schedule.

Our Regular Flavors

Kettle Corn

Kettle Corn

Our most Pop-ular flavor! The perfect blend of sweet and salty popcorn. Check out our reviews below, people RAVE about our Kettle Corn!

$5 Small, $7 Medium, $10 Large

Buttery Movie Popcorn

Buttery Movie Popcorn

It's the same ingredients that Movie Theaters use to get that light, yummy buttery popcorn! We provide a portion cup of buttery topping oil too!

$6 Medium, $9 Large

Churro Kettle Corn

Churro Kettle Corn

Our personal favorite flavor! It's Cinnamon + Extra Sugar Kettle Corn... If you like Churros or Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal, you're going to love this!

$9 Medium, $12 Large

Arizona Football Season!

Sun Devils & Arizona Cardinals Kettle Corn

Sun Devils & Arizona Cardinals

Football season has started! Get a team colors bag of our Maroon Kettle Corn mix!

High School Football Kettle Corn

High School Football

We supply Kettle Corn for High Schools! We would be happy to fill your concession stand with the best Kettle Corn around, or pop fresh at your games! Contact us to get started.

Candy Corn Mixes

Note: Many of these can be popped anytime, but have a minimum order size (usually 4 gal per color). Contact us to discuss your order!

Baby Shower Kettle Corn

Baby Girl / Baby Boy

Our Baby Mixes are very popular for Baby Showers & Gender Reveal Parties!

Fruit Loops Kettle Corn

Fruit Loops

Bright colors including purple, pink, red, yellow, orange & green Kettle Corn mix!

Unicorn Kettle Corn


Light/Pastel colors including purple, pink, red, yellow, orange & green Kettle Corn mix!

Valentines Kettle Corn


Celebrate your Valentine all year long! This is one of our favorite mixes, light pink and light red + Kettle Corn.

Patriotic American Kettle Corn


Unapologetically American! We're proud of this bright and yummy mix!

Halloween Kettle Corn

Halloween Mix

Our Orange and Black Halloween Mix is a festive treat!

Halloween Kettle Corn

Monster Mix

Orange, Purple, Green & Black Kettle Corn

Christmas and Holiday Kettle Corn


A bright red and green mix of Kettle Corn available in every bag size and option, including our popular Holiday Tubs!

Seasonal & Gourmet Flavors

Note: Many of these can be popped anytime, but have a minimum order size. Contact us to discuss your order!

Candy Kettle Corn

Candy Kettle Corn

We can make Kettle Corn in ANY color, or combination of colors! We can even try to match your wedding or party colors!

Cheddar Popcorn

Cheddar Popcorn


Towards the end of the year, we start making a lot of cheddar popcorn. Also Available in mixes like the famous Chicago Mix with Caramel Corn.

Caramel Corn

Caramel Corn


Certain times of the year we make some amazing caramel corn! Also available mixed with our Cheddar Cheese, or as our Caramel Apple Kettle Corn mix! It's so yummy!

Bag Sizes & Options

Kettle Corn in our Regular Bags

Regular Bags

These are our most pop-ular bags!

Small 0.6 Gal
Medium 1.2 Gal
Large 1.8 Gal

Regular Bag Pricing

Kettle Corn in Stay Fresh Zipper Bag

Stay-Fresh Zipper Bag New

These resealable bags are four times thicker than our Regular bags, and can keep your popcorn fresh for many weeks!

1 Gal

Zipper Bag Pricing

Kettle Corn in Gift Bags

Gift Bags

Perfect for gifts, stocking stuffers, baby showers & weddings, these gift bags are perfect when you're giving away Kettle Corn to lots of people!

25 Fl Oz = 0.2 Gal

Gift Bag Pricing

Kettle Corn in Gift Cups

Gift Cups New

Perfect for gifts, these cups can keep our Kettle Corn fresh for months!

32 Fl Oz = 0.25 Gal

Gift Cup Pricing

Kettle Corn in a Bulk Jumbo Bag

Jumbo Bag & Bulk

When buying large quantities, you can save by buying in bulk.

18 Gal

Bag Calculator

Jumbo Bag Pricing

Kettle Corn By the Foot!

By the FOOT

How would you like to show up to your next party with a 6ft, 10ft - even up to 25ft bag of Kettle Corn? Available in any length!

0.8 Gal per foot

Starting at $6 per foot

By the FOOT Pricing

We POP ANYTIME for your Events

Baby Shower Kettle Corn

Baby Shower & Gender Reveal

How would you like a Pink or Blue Kettle Corn Mix for your Baby Showers & Gender Reveal Parties!

Wedding Kettle Corn

Bridal & Wedding

Kettle Corn is an awesome snack at Bridal Parties and Wedding Receptions! You could give it away as your Thank-You gift, or include it at a desert bar!

Kettle Corn at Festivals


From smaller events of 500 people to huge events over 10,000, we can scale to your crowd! We make the best Kettle Corn around, and your guests will love it! We also make fresh Lemonade Shakers and Cotton Candy!

Kettle Corn at Boutique and other Events


We have options for Indoor and Outdoor Boutiques. We can be ready for your central checkout, or can man our own booth.

Corporate Gifts

We have several options to help your business make a lasting memory! Whether you're running a booth at a conference, wanting to say thank you to a customer, or hoping to be considered for leads & recomendations from other service providers, Kettle Corn makes the perfect gift!


Church, School & Non-Profit

Contact us to discus your upcoming events and what options you might have!


Other Parties

Family Parties, Birthdays, Graduations, Anniversaries, BBQs, and any other reason to get together! Popcorn is always a hit!


We have some flexible wholesale options if you are looking for products to sell from your business.

Bulk Pricing

How to get Kettle Corn in you?

Plan Ahead

We are not a RETAIL Store, we don't stock products - we ONLY pop fresh for orders. You can see our Popping & Pickup Schedule has the days we're popping, and available pickup schedule following when we pop.

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Payment Options

Payment Options

Cash, Credit Card, Venmo, CashApp, Apple Pay, Google Pay, ACH & Virtual Checks, Paypal, Zelle, Cryptocurrency. Physical Check payments must be received 2 weeks prior to your order.

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